Booking flight ticket to komodo and flores Are you looking for the company for booking flight ticket to or from Flores? Many travelers believe that booking a flight to and from the tourist area can be beneficial, especially when there is busy flight schedule. Many airlines offer different tickets and services to potential passengers who

Probably , a good consideration as you set a plan to journey across the island is reserve Flores hotel. It is not mean you do not have any willing go backpacking in the open place. Live  in a hotel means that you have proper plan to visit different places and you get a best  place

There are a lot of traditional houses in Wae Rebo village and great cultural attractions, which are worth visiting, since they offer distinctive holiday experience for the visitors. One of those places is Wae Rebo Village on Flores Island. This place is located up high on the mountain. The rich and fertile land make people

 Discovery of Homo Floresiensis Fossils the ‘Hobbit’ in Indonesia. On September 2003, there was a discovery that horrendous the world of science, in which the fossils are known as Homo Floresiensis, expected to be the extinct species of the Homo genus. Due to its size, Homo Floresiensis fossils are nicknamed the ‘Hobbit’, as in J.R.R

Another place in Indonesia is worth visiting to see a different side of the country is Liang Bua in Flores Island Indonesia. This place has been increasingly famous since the discovery of human bones around the island. They are believed as homo floresiensis but in a hobbit shape. Scientists are still debating of where to

Flores JourneyPackages or Package journey  Flores is one trip packages that we offer for tourist  who want to visit Flores Island, East Nusa tenggara province  in Indonesia. As Flores island offers many interesting things such as marine tourism, prehistoric sites, mountain climbing or hiking, traditional villages and many cultural activities. Here on this island, you can

Kelimutu 3 craters Lake in Flores Island of Indonesia You can crave the amazing panorama of Mount Kelimutu Crater Lake in Flores Island, Indonesia, and enjoy the magnificent view from the top. Mount Kelimutu is located in Flores Island, about 66 km from Ende, famous for its three colored lakes that constantly changing color. The

Labuan Bajo journey Labuan bajo is a place that is located at the manggarai barat region of Indonesia and this small town is really amaze. Most of people though that this place is like a heaven and it is particular with the friendliness of local people. Labuan bajo is more detail located at east nusa

The great beauty of underwater is not only found in Bunaken and Bali. You can find the amazing view of underworld in Riung Marine Park in Flores. This place consists of 17 islands that you can explore during your trip. The islands are so beautiful, as you can see many trees along the islands. The

Flores Atracction and special Journey Have you been in Flores previously, When you willing to know better about the culture and tradition in Flores, at least 7 days tour across the island is enough. There many tourist objects which is you can visit in the island. They are  include a visit to Komodo Island. As