Beautiful Places In Komodo Tour Island

The beauty of Komodo Tour Island 

komodo tour islandKomodo tour Island – Komodo Island has much attractive tourism in some angles such as the beach, the national park, the hill, the unique village, and so on. You can choose the tourism that you want to visit. It may refresh your mind by playing on the beach or understanding the natural heritage in Lombok especially about Komodo dragons’ world. It is up to you to spend your holiday with the family and friends. Some suitable places for your journey in Komodo tour Isaland such as:

  1. See The Wonderful View In Gili Laba

The beautiful view is in the top of the hill to see the panorama of Gili Laba beach. It is better for you to hike to the hill around at 3 pm. It used to see the color gradation of the sea. How beautiful she is. You should take a picture with the background of that. You can do that in every angle such as from near, far, left, right and so on.

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  1. Know Komodo Nearly In Komodo tour Island

It will be challenging you to see directly the Komodo dragon. It also promotes the Komodo National Park as the tourism education for the people around the world. You can take the positive side during traveling to this tourism. For example the natural environment, the green land, and the Komodo dragon. This part becomes iconic in cruise to komodo.

  1. Watch The Giant Lizard In Rinca Island

It will be the strain moment for you who felt afraid with the big animal. You need more relax to see anything that giant lizard did. It is not only the lizard; you can also meet wild pig, buffalo, and bird. Do not forget to make documentation such as photo and a short video. Do not forget to edit it with your style.

  1. Swim In Cunca Wulang Waterfall

It is suitable for you who like swimming in the pure water. It is so fresh for your body. The water looks pure green and the wall of the river seems exotic. It is a wonderful moment to see the nature miracle. The other option, you can sit on the edge of the river and play water. It is so fun to do it together with your friends.

  1. Look The Green Scenery Of Cancar Village

The natural view shows the clean air for breath. This place is suitable for you who refresh your mind and see the green angle in Cancar village. It is not only that you can get many ideas for your writing or your project related to your work. It called as an inspiring place to find the calm situation. You can talk with local residents to get information about this unique village. Only additional info only when tourists want to vacation on penida island nusa can use Nusa Penida holiday packages. Can also use bali car rental services to get around on the island of Bali.

Those recommended places may help you to determine what tourism you will visit. It is right that Komodo tour island has a special spot for the educational traveling. It contains some beautiful view to making good documentation of your holiday. After making documentation, you should publish the photo and be writing on the website or social media. Have fun your trip.