Travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun

Travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun – The beautiful places seem around the Flores to make visitors comfortable stay here. It will be a good choice for you that want to refresh your mind. You can enjoy some tourism on your way. Travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun may become fun journey if you can explore the tourism happily. Some activities to make your journey travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun nice such as:

Travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun

  1. Visit Melo Village

It located around Labuan Bajo who shows the art of heritage. You can see the traditional dance from this village. The name of the dance is Caci dance that used to welcome the guest. This local resident keeps and applies this culture. It is the proof that they love Indonesia fully. As Indonesian people, we should learn from them the meaning of loving.

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  1. Play Water and Sand in the Pink Island

It is time to play sand and water with your beloved family on the edge of the special beach. The color combination of this beach creates the eye-catching view. It shows the white sand and the pink sand from to the sea organism foraminifera that contains florid color. Therefore, the color sand is pink. It looks so nice. You can play and make the sand palace or just write phrase or sentence on the sand. It is better if you arrive here around 8 am to 4 pm. It used to make the light reflective looked beautifully. Do not forget to use the services of travel to flores and komodo or komodo tour for a trip to Pink Island

  1. Visit Batu Cermin Goa

This place shows the sea animals’ fossil in the wall of the goa. It becomes the natural heritage of the beautiful sea here. At noon, the sunlight visit inside of the goa by the top hole. It affects the light reflective inside it like a mirror. How to amaze this view is. You can show your style for taking a picture. This is the unique part when traveling to Flores and Komodo. For those of you who want to travel to Flores and Komodo do not forget to look for a comfortable lodging like bali villa honeymoon and apartemen verde.

  1. Dive in Kanawa Island

It will be an interesting moment if you can dive on this island. The beautiful view in the bottom of the sea can make your stay a long time there. You can see the sea animals such as sea horse, seashell, crab, Nemo fish and other fish. You can also watch the beautiful coral. The undersea activity becomes a good chance when you went to this island.

  1. Visit Cunca Rami Waterfall

It will be a fun journey if you can go to this waterfall. The way to visit this tourism looks green view exactly you will pass the local residents’ rice field and the natural forest. It takes a long time but the result is not disappointed. The water is fresh and pure with the height around 70 meters. You can take a picture under the waterfall but you need to be careful.

You can visit those amazing places to pass your holiday interestingly. One of the benefits that you feel here is enjoying the fresh air with the original view likes beach and hill. Travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun opens your mind to honor environment around you and keep clean absolutely. Let make our earth green!

Travel to Komodo Island Extreme But Fun

Travel to Komodo Island is Fun  – Visiting Komodo Island is a good opportunity for the animal lover exactly wild animal to observe the Komodo dragons. You can see this big animal from the nearer distance. It is better for you to keep your safety around the Komodo area. Please, do not be noise and stay to listen to your guide saying inside the Komodo dragon’s habitat. Travel to Komodo Island becomes a challenging trip for your life. It will balance with the fun activities to do there such as:

Travel to Komodo Island

  1. Record Video In Komodo Island Tourism

It is suitable for you who like bringing a camera. You should find the good angle to record video. Because every moment has a different story to tell and express. Prepare your tools goodly to make the good result of your record. Please, do not be hurry when you look the Komodo dragons come close to your position. You just relax and hear the guide’s saying.

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  1. Write The Important Thing During Traveling To Komodo

Before visiting this island, you should prepare your mind and requirements. It relates to your physic exactly you can search the information about travel to komodo. It discusses the prohibition and the rule when you arrive in Komodo dragons habitat. It is sure that the guide must accompany you to see directly this big animal. Be careful!

  1. Watch the Activity of Komodo Dragons

If you are lucky, you will see directly anything that Komodo dragons do. For example, the Komodo dragons walk, look for food or take rest. They have a good sensitivity to detect flesh position. You should always be careful. Do not be noise if you are near to them. Keep your distance! However, do not forget to make documentation

  1. Take Picture The Nice Spot On Top Of Hill

It will become nice moment substantively travel to Komodo island. You walk to the top of the hill and you can see the beautiful view of this island. For this moment, you close your eyes and enjoy the fresh air. If you had a problem, you can shout out to make your heart breathed again. It becomes your last trip fun on this island by seeing the entire Komodo Island.

  1. Make Good Creation For Your Journey In Komodo Island

This part it becomes real proof that you ever visit Komodo Island. It depends on your passion. It could be in writing, photography, movie, and video. You can create the positive side of Komodo Island such as the atmosphere, the environment, the population, and so on. It will be interesting if you can interview the guide there. It becomes your creation based on fact. As the result, you can help to promote the Indonesia iconic in International.

Only additional info for tourists who want to travel to gunung Rinjani can use the services of adventure service quality. Surely has experience in that field.

Some activities will be the option of your holiday to get an unforgettable moment. Travel to Komodo Island makes our knowledge more open about the animal and nature. Spend your quality time here with your family. Stay to keep your safety and obey the rule there. The key is you should be calm to face everything there. Happy holiday for you to visit this beautiful city.

The beauty of Komodo Tour Island 

komodo tour islandKomodo tour Island – Komodo Island has much attractive tourism in some angles such as the beach, the national park, the hill, the unique village, and so on. You can choose the tourism that you want to visit. It may refresh your mind by playing on the beach or understanding the natural heritage in Lombok especially about Komodo dragons’ world. It is up to you to spend your holiday with the family and friends. Some suitable places for your journey in Komodo tour Isaland such as:

  1. See The Wonderful View In Gili Laba

The beautiful view is in the top of the hill to see the panorama of Gili Laba beach. It is better for you to hike to the hill around at 3 pm. It used to see the color gradation of the sea. How beautiful she is. You should take a picture with the background of that. You can do that in every angle such as from near, far, left, right and so on.

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  1. Know Komodo Nearly In Komodo tour Island

It will be challenging you to see directly the Komodo dragon. It also promotes the Komodo National Park as the tourism education for the people around the world. You can take the positive side during traveling to this tourism. For example the natural environment, the green land, and the Komodo dragon. This part becomes iconic in cruise to komodo.

  1. Watch The Giant Lizard In Rinca Island

It will be the strain moment for you who felt afraid with the big animal. You need more relax to see anything that giant lizard did. It is not only the lizard; you can also meet wild pig, buffalo, and bird. Do not forget to make documentation such as photo and a short video. Do not forget to edit it with your style.

  1. Swim In Cunca Wulang Waterfall

It is suitable for you who like swimming in the pure water. It is so fresh for your body. The water looks pure green and the wall of the river seems exotic. It is a wonderful moment to see the nature miracle. The other option, you can sit on the edge of the river and play water. It is so fun to do it together with your friends.

  1. Look The Green Scenery Of Cancar Village

The natural view shows the clean air for breath. This place is suitable for you who refresh your mind and see the green angle in Cancar village. It is not only that you can get many ideas for your writing or your project related to your work. It called as an inspiring place to find the calm situation. You can talk with local residents to get information about this unique village. Only additional info only when tourists want to vacation on penida island nusa can use Nusa Penida holiday packages. Can also use bali car rental services to get around on the island of Bali.

Those recommended places may help you to determine what tourism you will visit. It is right that Komodo tour island has a special spot for the educational traveling. It contains some beautiful view to making good documentation of your holiday. After making documentation, you should publish the photo and be writing on the website or social media. Have fun your trip.


Travel To Komodo Island The Lizard From Dinosaurs Era

Travel To KomodoTravel To Komodo – Komodo Island is in the Nusa Tenggara Islands. Komodo Island is known as the original habitat of komodo animals. This island is also the area of ​​Komodo National Park. Komodo Island is the part of west of Sumbawa Island, which by the Sape Strait, including Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency dan Indonesia. Komodo Island, where komodo animals live and breed well. Until August 2009, on this island there are about 1,300 tailed dragons. Coupled with other islands, such as Rinca Island and and Gili Motang Island, the total number reaches around 2500 birds. Any 100 Komodo dragons in the Wae Wuul Nature Reserve on the mainland of Flores Island but that it’s not including the Komodo National Park area.

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In addition to dragons, this island also has a variety of flora exoticism, wooden trees sepang that by surrounding people used as medicine and clothes coloring. Nitak tree (sterculia oblongata) is believed to be useful as medicine and seeds tasty and tasty like peas. Travel To Komodo Island is very impressive, the island is exotic, dive into the blue of the sea. And bathed in sunlight while looking at the traces of past lives are preserved. And will be part of the beauty of Indonesia. You can also use a boat for carter to cross the island of Komodo.


Includes Komodo Island, Rinca and Padar, plus other islands covering an area of 1817 square is the original habitat of dragons. Komodo National Park was established in 1980 to protect the preservation of dragons. Not only these endangered animals, Komodo National Park is also to protect various kinds of plants and animals, including marine animals. UNESCO recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1986 Together with two other large islands, namely Rinca Island and Padar. Komodo and several small islands in surrounding area are kept as the original habitat of reptiles dubbed “Komodo”. For those of you who want to travel on the island of Komodo, can use a travel agency. Such as bus tour bandung, car rental yogyakarta and much more.

Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel provides an opportunity for you to explore the island of Komodo is impressive and we our company has been there since 2010 and until now. We still can provide satisfaction to customers we have ever served. For those of you who want to travel to Komodo Island. We Rafael Todowena Tour and Travel will be happy to help you. We have provided some packages that you can choose according to your needs and how long you will be the island of Komodo and want whatever facility you want. Because with the package we provide for you. Then you will no longer be confused to determine your vacation in Komodo Island.


we are Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel was provide some package for helping your vacation which consists of the following :

  • Cruise to Komodo
  • Komodo Full Day Tour by Speedboat
  • 11D/10N Flores and Komodo Tour
  • 7D/6N Travel to Flores and Komodo
  • 6D/5N Flores and Komodo Tour
  • 5D/4N Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour
  • 4D/3N Komodo Tour
  • 3D/2N Komodo Tour
  • 2D/1N Komodo Tour

That’s some of the packages Travel to Komodo we provide for you. Hopefully with the Komodo island tour packages that we can provide into consideration for your holiday agenda.

Why Must Choose Us ?

We Rafael Todowela Tour Travel to Komodo Island have Crew in our highly motivated will make sure you have best experience. Than we have value for money in our price will be comparable to what you would pay by going direct. And we have fast booking in our booking process is very easy and fast. And you will receive an instan confirmation from us.

Cruise To Komodo Island With A Variety Of Gorgeous

Cruise To KomodoCruise to Komodo – We Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel give you some package for any tourism for you to Cruise to Komodo. In this package we give you 2 option for spending holiday in komodo Island and other travel destinastion around Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour. Before we started I want to thank you for visit our website And we hope you can satisfaction with our service. As we know Komodo Island having large potention for travel industry. Because not just Komodo Tour, you can do something great in Pink beach.

Well, now we Rafael Todowela Travel and Tour Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour give you package Cruise To Komodo with 2 option as you can pick in bellow.

  • First option you can pick is Komodo Trekking Only.

Arrive in komodo Island then you will up skoci boat and then shall transfer you to the dock. After that you start to walk. Local English guide and ranger will standby to welcome you on site. And then the ranger will give you some information about rule of trekking what you can do and what you should not. Then you will trekking for seeing the dragon. For those of you who want to travel on the island of Komodo, can use a travel agency. Such as rent bus jogja, rent car banjarnegara and much more.

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The trekking take less 2 hours, and on the way the guide will explain to you about variety Flora and Fauna like Komodo epidemic plant, vanda orchid, wild deers, Giant Varanus Komodo, wild Boar, etc. And you must remember all of this animal it’s wild and you must becarefull with that. In trekking you will seeing and pass the water hole and hunting spot of dragon. After that you will come back again to dock and you will back to Cruise ship and then Cruise to Komodo Tour is Over.

  • Second Option Cruise To Komodo is Komodo trekking and Pink Beach.

The program Trekking is same with Option one, but the different is you will visit Pink Beach. After you reach Komodo Island you will trekking to see various wild animals such as Komodo dragon, wild deers, junglefowl bird, pigeon bird, and etc. And You passing trough water hole and hunting spot of dragon. And then you should visit souvenir shop. After the trekking you will back to dock and you will sail with local wooden boat to go in pink beach. And you will take 25 minutes to get there. Upon you get there you can snorkel, swim, relax on the beach and many more. After 1,5 hours on the beach you will back to the boat to have lunch, because in this Boat for Carter lunch is provided. After that sail you will back to komodo dock and transfer back to Cruise Ship and Travel to Komodo was Over.

For more information

If you booking this package in an agent or wholesaler. Please to be ensure that you are not put in the wrong hand and unresponsible people. You can call our office to have confirmation number from us. Our Hotline service in +62 822 3694 3461 (RAFAEL). And then talk about booking information and the price we provide is negotiable for Travel to Flores and Komodo.

Travel To Flores And Komodo With Guarantee Of Happines

Travel To Flores And KomodoTravel To Flores and Komodo – For a holiday to Komodo Island (one of the tourist attractions of East Nusa Tenggara), we Komodo Tour and Travel has provided several Komodo Island Tour Packages that can be customized to your liking. Starting from the hotel in Labuan Bajo, the date and duration of the holiday, the choice of vessel that will be used to sail to the attractions of Komodo Island NTT to visit. Before the holidays to Komodo first read the tips to Komodo tour below.

Choose Komodo Island Tour Packages below according to your needs

  • Cruise to Komodo
  • Komodo Full Day Tour by Speedboat
  • 11D/10N Flores and Komodo Tour
  • 7D/6N Travel to Flores and Komodo
  • 6D/5N Flores and Komodo Tour
  • 5D/4N Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour
  • 4D/3N Komodo Tour
  • 3D/2N Komodo Tour
  • 2D/1N Komodo Tour

Holiday tips to Komodo Island

Choose the right airline and airplane schedule

We Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel give you some tips for Travel to Flores and Komodo For the price is cheaper, you should order first, yaaa at least 3 months before leaving. The normal flight price from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo ranges from 3 million to 3.5 million round trips. Most flights to Labuan Bajo (from Jakarta) transit in Bali or Kupang. Actually the most time-saving is to drive Lion Air from Jakarta at dawn and arrive in Labuan Bajo at 9 a.m (transit first in Bali). Try to reach Labuan Bajo before 10 a.m, so you can go on tour. But if you have plenty of time, you can come to Labuan Bajo one day before the tour (it’s the safest anyway).

For the new Jakarta-Labuan Bajo direct plane there is Garuda, flying in the afternoon and arriving in the afternoon. If the return is more comfortable because usually finished city tour after lunch, then herbs can fly more than 12 noon. To schedule home you can arrive in Jakarta on the same day without having to spend another night.

Reason Visit Flores

Recreation becomes something fun, especially for people who like to Travel to Flores and Komodo. There are some people are also not so fond and even lazy out of the house. Because street hobbies are of course very happy and become its own memories. No less extreme there are people traveling hobby but to a place that rarely people want to go there. Probably maybe because the terrain is heavy or the area is not very safe because there are lots of wild wildlife.

Things to do in flores Indonesia, indeed everyone is different way of thinking. Included in determining holiday destinations. Have you ever thought about exploring challenging places like Flores. Flores is located in East Nusa Tenggara and is a challenging recreation place. For example wild parks Komodo Island, hemp flax, lake kelimutu and many more that are not less interesting. In addition there are several reasons that make you obliged to visit it. For those of you who want to travel on the island of Komodo, can use a travel agency. Such as car rent alphard, car rental semarang and much more.

  • Swimming and Snorkling at Pink Beach

Not only can enjoy the beach with pink sand. Tourists can also stop at Pulau Pasir, swim in Pink Beaches 2 and 3 and snorkel at Pantai Semangkok, Gili Petelu and Tanjung Cumi to enjoy the beauty of “underwater park”.

  • Rinca Island to Spot Komodo Dragons

In addition to Komodo Island, Rinca Island also became one of the original habitat of Komodo. Seeing him up close, guaranteed to make the traveler feel horrified. For tourists who want to see Komodo, Komodo Island and Rinca Island in Komodo National Park is the best choice as well as the habitat of native predators. Between the two islands, Rinca Island is most often the choice. One consideration because it is closer than Labuan Bajo which is often the entrance of tourists to Komodo National Park. Approximately 2 hours aboard. While the island of Komodo takes about 4 hours longer.

The Caci Whip Fighting, it is a ritual whip fight, is a

Withness The Caci Whip Fight major element of Manggarai cultural identity. The Caci Whip Fight it’s a unique and aesthetic delight for spectators.

Komodo Tour With Wonderfull Flores Island

komodo tourKomodo Tour – We would like to thank you for visiting our website. Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel is a company engaged in tourism for domestic tourists and foreign tourists. We’ve been through this company since 2010. We have had a lot of experience and improvisation in any field of business. With the passage of time travel from Rafel Todowela Tour and Travel, we now have the task to try to improve and develop the tourism contained in Indonesia which is devoted to East Nusa Tenggara Province.

We Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel to Komodo serve you domestic and foreign tourists who especially come to bali and Flores Island and Komodo Tour. We provide cultural tourism services as well as nature found on the island of flores. Such as rural tours, hiking, mountain climbing, snorkeling, and boat trip tours to the 17 Islands of the island flores. In addition we also invite you to cross the tropical island of Komodo to see the largest lizard in the world is the Komodo dragon ( Varanus Komodoensis ).

the largest lizard in the world is the Komodo dragon

We Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel also serve you who want to order plane tickets online. To live this company we are responsible to donate our taxes to local governments. The tax aims to build West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Not only that we also help build local communities to improve the quality of their lives and cooperate with us in the multinational sector. Apart from improving the quality of life we ​​also always help their economy by providing local people’s handicrafts that can be bought by tourists as souvenirs.

Komodo Tour by Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel always prioritizes and focuses on our service, security, reasonable price and every one of our customers will always serve them like our own family. We always open your mind to give us feedback so we can add our service for the future for Travel to Flores and Komodo. We give for those of you who want to Travel to Komodo with our package we provide for you. The packages we provide to you are Cruise to Komodo, Komodo Full Day with Speed Boat, Flores and Komodo Tour. For those of you who want to travel on the island of Komodo, can use a travel agency. Such as jogja tour packages, car rental jogja and much more.

Arriving at Loh Liang Island or Komodo Island by using a skoci boat that takes you to the dock, then from the dock is your first step to walk. our guide who is fluent in English and a local handler who is ready to welcome you on site. After that the handler and guide will give some rules about the Komodo National Park. Which is where the rules explain what you can do and should not do during the track. After you know about the rule. You will be directly invited to track the existence of dragons

Komodo Cruise Ship

Tracking will take up to about 2 hours. At the time of the guide tracking trip will explain to you about the variety of flora and fauna found in Komodo National Park. The endemic plants in Komodo Island include Vanda Orchid, Wild deer, Giant Varanus Komodo, Anonaskuamoza pine etc. There you have to remember that some types of animals can not be predicted because the animals contained here are all wild animals. By the time you track you will pass through a water hole or a dragon hunting ground. At the end of the trekking point you will find a typical souvenir shop from Komodo Island. After that you will walk to get back to the dock and transfer back to the cruise ship. Then after that you will walk to return to the dock and delivered back to the cruise ship then it states the tour has ended.

There are several types of cruises that land or operate on Komodo Island which you can rent as Boat for Carter, namely: HAL. P & O, PRINCESS, X CELEBRITY, NCL, AZMARA, SEASEVEN, NORWEGIAN STAR.

  • Full Day Tour by Speed Boat

When you arrive in Labuan Bajo. You will be picked up by a fluent English speaking guide and will be picked up with an air conditioned. Vehicle at the international Komodo Airport. After that we will drive you to Labuan bajo harbor to board a cruise ship to Rinca Island to see komodo dragons in Komodo Island.

  • Flores and Komodo Island

In this package you will have many destination you can go. Because in this package,  have many package you can choose depend how long you want to stay.

For important note

If you book in the agent or wholesaler. You must becarefull and we make sure you are not in the wrong hands or the irresponsible parties. For more information. You can call our Costumer Service in this number +62 822 3694 3461 ( RAFAEL ). You can talk about booking and we provide the price is negotiable.

Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour Are Wonderful Place To Come

Flores Island and Komodo Island TourFlores Island and Komodo Island Tour – Flores in Portuguese means flowers in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This name is given because the beauty of the island of flores is very stunning like a new flower bloom. The beauty of the island of flores is very famous to all parts of the world where it proved that a lot of foreign tourists who come to the exotic to the island of Flores. Flores Island has 8 districts, and each district has an average tourist attractions. We know about the island of Komodo, in which there are Komodo dragons, which have now become one of the 7 wonders of the world.

The island is located in the western part of the island of Flores, precisely in the district of West Manggarai (Labuan Bajo). Animals are known to have this poisonous mucus you can only see when you visit the habitat. Which is on the island of komodo. In addition, there is also a beach known as “Pink Beach”. This is caused by the strange beach sand color  is pink. We don’t  known why, but this beach is very nice and interesting to visit.

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We Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel provide for you will doing travel in Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour. In our service you will get more experience and more memories you can tell to your friend, family, or your working partner. Before we tell you more about us, I want to thank’s to you want to visit out website. I hope this website can make you start  planning for doing Travel to Flores and Komodo. As the name implies, Komodo Island in Komodo Tour is an island that is also an animal habitat in this country. Its existence is shrinking.

Our Services For Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour

Certainly fun if we can see firsthand the life of the protected animals of this country. Not only on the island of Komodo, Komodo habitat also exist in the island adjacent to it. As in Rinca Island. On the island, tourists can freely see and observe dragon patterns daily. There is a great place to see Komodo Flocks. Tourists can climb the hill, Bukit Ara. On top of that mountain, Komodo dragons live in a wild way. In addition to dragons, other animals we can see, namely wild deer, bull and wild horses and many more. For those of you who want to travel on the island of Komodo, can use a travel agency. Such as car rent purwokerto, car rent makassar and much more.

Our service for Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour, tourists can see directly Komodo should not be too close here tourists can also rent Boat For Carter to the Pink beach. Tourists will be able to enjoy the beauty of pink sand, which there are only 7 places in the world. When Tourists Cruise to Komodo, at any time dolphins may suddenly appear tempting. Tourists can play with them. In addition, a variety of beautiful fish, hiding behind the beautiful coral reefs, green turtles and whales are free swimming is also ready to welcome tourists.

Well, before going home want to find souvenirs? Tourists can come to Loh Buaya and Loh Liang, a typical souvenir shop selling center of Komodo National Park. Can buy shirts with a picture of Komodo dragons, wooden statues of dragons, to accessories nuanced Komodo island. Also do not forget the soft bind fabric from Flores with beautiful motifs and patterns and typical snacks Flores, Kue Rambut. The life of rural people on the island of Komodo, we should also visit. They are a society that directly, surely also has to preserve the nature there. On the island of Komodo, there are also mangrove forests and lush green meadows.

Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour

Miscellaneous nature like this, makes us feel heavy to leave immediately. Before leaving this beautiful spot, it’s good we take the time to buy some typical Komodo souvenirs. Like a wooden sculpture shaped dragons and T-shirts that drew animals Komodo.

so, for those of you who are interested to use Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel services to do tourism to Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour. You can contact us directly through our contact below.

  • Rafael Tour and Travel in Road Soekarno Hatta, Labuan Bajo – Flores, East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia
  • Call us at +62 822 3694 3461
  • Send us Email at

For More Information

If you book Travel to Komodo with an agent or wholesaler, make sure you are not on the wrong side or the irresponsible party. Hotline service +62 822 3694 3461 ( RAFAEL ) you will talk directly with our customer service. And we give you the prices are negotiable.

Boat For Carter Will Take You To Komodo Island

boat for carterBoat For Carter – We are from so many travel agent to Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour have online booking to our client to using Boat for Carter. And until now we continue to improve this, ensuring that our booking and feedback system are unrivalled in this industry. all requests for quotes and orders will be answered correctly and accurately in accordance with your request. our experience reservation staff have a clear understanding of each client’s needs and are able to give the best suggestions to you for spending holiday with using package Komodo Tour from Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel.

We Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel is a local agent who provide Boat For Carter in Labuan Bajo. For you who want to Travel to Komodo and for srounding areas, or for diving, leisure, Cruise, or Liveonboard, etc. We have any kind of boat size which in specializing in carter service for leisure cruise, liveonboard, and cruise for dive in Indonesia especially in Flores – East Nusa Tenggara. We are is  specialized company Tour and Travel to Komodo and Cruise to Komodo.

So, as to facilities us in delivering many Boat for Carter option that we meet your need directly. We provide the most complete and accurate information and solutions for the satisfaction of your vacation plans while on the island of Flores and Komodo Island. For those of you who want to travel on the island of Komodo, can use a travel agency. Such as cheap motor yogyakarta rental, rent aceh car and much more.

Boat For Carter To Visit Komodo Island

We are Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel the majority of our Boat For Carter are for Leisure cruise carter. So we can also arrange for diving activities during the cruise. for this purpose, we also provide diving equipment that is accordance to the safety standards. For island hopping, we offer best snorkling spot with the best sand beaches in the Komodo Island region with travel to flores and komodo. For those of you who want to use travel services from us you can directly contact us through the contacts we have provided at our website. besides we provide Boat for Carter, we also provide some packages that you can choose from Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel.

Our Packages

  • Komodo Cruise Ship
  • Komodo Full day Tour by Speed Boat
  • Flores and Komodo Tour

Why Choose us for your travel services ?

Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel have passionate crew with our highly motivated staffs will make sure you have best trip. We have Local knowledge we will share our inside knowledge, tips, specialities with you that it’s Fact. We have Value for money in Our price will be comparable to what you would pay by going direct. We have fast booking with our booking process it’s very easy and fast. You will receive an instant confirmation from us.

For Imported Notice :

if you booking this trip with the agent, please be sure about our travel. Because we are afraid you will fall into the wrong hands or irresponsible parties. Therefore we give the number to confirm. Our Hotline service +62 822 3694 3461 ( Rafael ) for booking information. And we give you negotiable price.

The Reasons to Visit Flores The Beautiful Island

The Reasons to Visit FloresThe Reasons to Visit Flores – Flores is a beautiful island and has long hidden in the shadows of its more famous neighbour Bali, but finally the island of Flores is emerging as a unique destination of its own. You’ll see the fascinating Komodo dragons, visit and trek Rinca Island and Komodo tour Island. You’ll be warmly welcomed by the island’s people in their rituals, dances and daily life. There are several the reasons to visit Flores including:

1. Swimming and snorkelling at Pink Beach

The Reasons to Visit Flores is the first Reknown for its beautiful pink colouring, Pink Beach is a must visit on everyones list.  From the beautiful colour of the sands, through to the stunning underwater life, you’ll not want to leave this little bit of paradise.

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2.  Rinca Island to spot Komodo Dragons

Rinca Island is a gorgeous island within Flores, and has less tourism than some of the other islands.  Trekking on Rinca Island allows you to see more dragons within the wild.  Most tourist head to Komodo Island, our recommendation is you take time to explore Rinca Island. This is one of the reasons  to visit flores.

3.  Visit a traditional villages

Trekking through the villages, you turn back time and area able to witness the very special cultural homes that were built hundreds of years ago.They still have the same awe inspiring moment where you feel a part of the heritage. The villages lead a harmonious agrarian lifestyle in symbolism with nature.

4.  Witness the Caci Whip Fight

This is martial arts performed as a mixture of dance, singing and skillful fighting. With two fighters, it is a boody game perfomed as a joyous occasion. They take turns trying to strike each others body with a whip.

5.  Visit the Kelimitu Lakes

The three colour lakes of Mt Kelimutu is a spectacular delight for visitors of Flores – one of the must do when visiting.  Each lake has it’s own colour and local name.  It’s best to leave early in the morning, when the fog clears as the sun rises. For those of you who want to Visit Flores, can use a travel agency. Such as car rent jogja, rent hiace makassar and much more.


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