Travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun

Travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun – The beautiful places seem around the Flores to make visitors comfortable stay here. It will be a good choice for you that want to refresh your mind. You can enjoy some tourism on your way. Travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun may become fun journey if you can explore the tourism happily. Some activities to make your journey travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun nice such as:

Travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun

  1. Visit Melo Village

It located around Labuan Bajo who shows the art of heritage. You can see the traditional dance from this village. The name of the dance is Caci dance that used to welcome the guest. This local resident keeps and applies this culture. It is the proof that they love Indonesia fully. As Indonesian people, we should learn from them the meaning of loving.

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  1. Play Water and Sand in the Pink Island

It is time to play sand and water with your beloved family on the edge of the special beach. The color combination of this beach creates the eye-catching view. It shows the white sand and the pink sand from to the sea organism foraminifera that contains florid color. Therefore, the color sand is pink. It looks so nice. You can play and make the sand palace or just write phrase or sentence on the sand. It is better if you arrive here around 8 am to 4 pm. It used to make the light reflective looked beautifully. Do not forget to use the services of travel to flores and komodo or komodo tour for a trip to Pink Island

  1. Visit Batu Cermin Goa

This place shows the sea animals’ fossil in the wall of the goa. It becomes the natural heritage of the beautiful sea here. At noon, the sunlight visit inside of the goa by the top hole. It affects the light reflective inside it like a mirror. How to amaze this view is. You can show your style for taking a picture. This is the unique part when traveling to Flores and Komodo. For those of you who want to travel to Flores and Komodo do not forget to look for a comfortable lodging like bali villa honeymoon and apartemen verde.

  1. Dive in Kanawa Island

It will be an interesting moment if you can dive on this island. The beautiful view in the bottom of the sea can make your stay a long time there. You can see the sea animals such as sea horse, seashell, crab, Nemo fish and other fish. You can also watch the beautiful coral. The undersea activity becomes a good chance when you went to this island.

  1. Visit Cunca Rami Waterfall

It will be a fun journey if you can go to this waterfall. The way to visit this tourism looks green view exactly you will pass the local residents’ rice field and the natural forest. It takes a long time but the result is not disappointed. The water is fresh and pure with the height around 70 meters. You can take a picture under the waterfall but you need to be careful.

You can visit those amazing places to pass your holiday interestingly. One of the benefits that you feel here is enjoying the fresh air with the original view likes beach and hill. Travel to Flores and Komodo Is Fun opens your mind to honor environment around you and keep clean absolutely. Let make our earth green!

The Reasons to Visit Flores The Beautiful Island

The Reasons to Visit FloresThe Reasons to Visit Flores – Flores is a beautiful island and has long hidden in the shadows of its more famous neighbour Bali, but finally the island of Flores is emerging as a unique destination of its own. You’ll see the fascinating Komodo dragons, visit and trek Rinca Island and Komodo tour Island. You’ll be warmly welcomed by the island’s people in their rituals, dances and daily life. There are several the reasons to visit Flores including:

1. Swimming and snorkelling at Pink Beach

The Reasons to Visit Flores is the first Reknown for its beautiful pink colouring, Pink Beach is a must visit on everyones list.  From the beautiful colour of the sands, through to the stunning underwater life, you’ll not want to leave this little bit of paradise.

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2.  Rinca Island to spot Komodo Dragons

Rinca Island is a gorgeous island within Flores, and has less tourism than some of the other islands.  Trekking on Rinca Island allows you to see more dragons within the wild.  Most tourist head to Komodo Island, our recommendation is you take time to explore Rinca Island. This is one of the reasons  to visit flores.

3.  Visit a traditional villages

Trekking through the villages, you turn back time and area able to witness the very special cultural homes that were built hundreds of years ago.They still have the same awe inspiring moment where you feel a part of the heritage. The villages lead a harmonious agrarian lifestyle in symbolism with nature.

4.  Witness the Caci Whip Fight

This is martial arts performed as a mixture of dance, singing and skillful fighting. With two fighters, it is a boody game perfomed as a joyous occasion. They take turns trying to strike each others body with a whip.

5.  Visit the Kelimitu Lakes

The three colour lakes of Mt Kelimutu is a spectacular delight for visitors of Flores – one of the must do when visiting.  Each lake has it’s own colour and local name.  It’s best to leave early in the morning, when the fog clears as the sun rises. For those of you who want to Visit Flores, can use a travel agency. Such as car rent jogja, rent hiace makassar and much more.


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