Flores Island of Indonesia Flores Island ? Where does it? That is probably   question that come in  on some people’s imagine . Flores is a name of island in Indonesia that is located in East nusatenggara Province  or NTT Province with 15,300 km squares wide. Flores name is come from the Portuguese Language Cabo

Flores amazing island and its fascinating Things to do in Flores Island We never run out of attractive tourist destinations in Indonesia, including in the exotic Flores Island. Located on the east of Sumbawa and west of Solor, Flores Island Indonesia gives you one of the world’s best serene retreats with breathtaking surrounding and magnificent

Stepping and mounting the beauty of Bena traditional village Flores will give you unparalleled experience. Located in Flores Island, Indonesia, Bena village is settled near to volcanic mountainous surrounding, at the heart of ethnic civilization, Ngadha. This place in an alternative option of a different world, where you still can see hundreds of Stone Age

Padar Island in Komodo  Padar island is an island without any people who live in this place, the natural condition here is still virgin and beautiful. On this island, you can see some interesting destinations such as Pink Beach. For trekking fans and photographer, Padar island is the right heaven. It has a spectacular landscape

Manta Point on Komodo is one of snorkeling spots in Indonesia offer many experiences to see huge Manta ray, like at the manta point around Komodo Island. There, travellers  can be freely swum together with this amaze wealth. You will see a lot of manta rays play on the sea surface on this Manta Point

Komodo Island of Indonesia is an island that is located in west manggarai Regency of East Nusa Tenggara.  Islands Range and it is well known as the original and the only place where you can see Komodo dragon . On this island, Komodo live and breed really well. Based  to the data, until Augusts 2009,

 Rinca island is probably more popular, but in fact there are a lot of peoples who are interested and visiting the Rinca island. There are many reasons why they prefer to visit this island such as this island is closer from Labuan Bajo and the number of Komodo in Rinca Island is more than the

Fishing Journey Beyond of Komodo National Park Do you know that fishing beyond  komodo national park is also one of the finest activities to wait for long line of scuba diving? Fishing can be your primary activity where you spend specific time to do in the island. This area is known for current breaks, upwelling,

  Komodo Dragon(vranus komodoensis) the largest living Lizard on  Earth Knowing the fact that Komodo dragon is one of endangered lizard in the world, with population of fewer than 5,000, we should be know of the importance to protect this animal. Komodo dragon in Indonesia can only be found in Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Gili

Pink Beach in Komodo island of komodo national park . Pink Beach as it is named is a unique beach because it has pink sand that is really amaze . This beach is located on the Komodo National Parkeast nusa tenggara province. Beside that beautiful panoramic, this beach is also having a amazing underwater view