Cruise To Komodo Island With A Variety Of Gorgeous

Cruise To Komodo Island With A Variety Of Gorgeous

Cruise To KomodoCruise to Komodo – We Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel give you some package for any tourism for you to Cruise to Komodo. In this package we give you 2 option for spending holiday in komodo Island and other travel destinastion around Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour. Before we started I want to thank you for visit our website And we hope you can satisfaction with our service. As we know Komodo Island having large potention for travel industry. Because not just Komodo Tour, you can do something great in Pink beach.

Well, now we Rafael Todowela Travel and Tour Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour give you package Cruise To Komodo with 2 option as you can pick in bellow.

  • First option you can pick is Komodo Trekking Only.

Arrive in komodo Island then you will up skoci boat and then shall transfer you to the dock. After that you start to walk. Local English guide and ranger will standby to welcome you on site. And then the ranger will give you some information about rule of trekking what you can do and what you should not. Then you will trekking for seeing the dragon. For those of you who want to travel on the island of Komodo, can use a travel agency. Such as rent bus jogja, rent car banjarnegara and much more.

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The trekking take less 2 hours, and on the way the guide will explain to you about variety Flora and Fauna like Komodo epidemic plant, vanda orchid, wild deers, Giant Varanus Komodo, wild Boar, etc. And you must remember all of this animal it’s wild and you must becarefull with that. In trekking you will seeing and pass the water hole and hunting spot of dragon. After that you will come back again to dock and you will back to Cruise ship and then Cruise to Komodo Tour is Over.

  • Second Option Cruise To Komodo is Komodo trekking and Pink Beach.

The program Trekking is same with Option one, but the different is you will visit Pink Beach. After you reach Komodo Island you will trekking to see various wild animals such as Komodo dragon, wild deers, junglefowl bird, pigeon bird, and etc. And You passing trough water hole and hunting spot of dragon. And then you should visit souvenir shop. After the trekking you will back to dock and you will sail with local wooden boat to go in pink beach. And you will take 25 minutes to get there. Upon you get there you can snorkel, swim, relax on the beach and many more. After 1,5 hours on the beach you will back to the boat to have lunch, because in this Boat for Carter lunch is provided. After that sail you will back to komodo dock and transfer back to Cruise Ship and Travel to Komodo was Over.

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If you booking this package in an agent or wholesaler. Please to be ensure that you are not put in the wrong hand and unresponsible people. You can call our office to have confirmation number from us. Our Hotline service in +62 822 3694 3461 (RAFAEL). And then talk about booking information and the price we provide is negotiable for Travel to Flores and Komodo.


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