Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour Are Wonderful Place To Come

Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour Are Wonderful Place To Come

Flores Island and Komodo Island TourFlores Island and Komodo Island Tour – Flores in Portuguese means flowers in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This name is given because the beauty of the island of flores is very stunning like a new flower bloom. The beauty of the island of flores is very famous to all parts of the world where it proved that a lot of foreign tourists who come to the exotic to the island of Flores. Flores Island has 8 districts, and each district has an average tourist attractions. We know about the island of Komodo, in which there are Komodo dragons, which have now become one of the 7 wonders of the world.

The island is located in the western part of the island of Flores, precisely in the district of West Manggarai (Labuan Bajo). Animals are known to have this poisonous mucus you can only see when you visit the habitat. Which is on the island of komodo. In addition, there is also a beach known as “Pink Beach”. This is caused by the strange beach sand color  is pink. We don’t  known why, but this beach is very nice and interesting to visit.

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We Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel provide for you will doing travel in Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour. In our service you will get more experience and more memories you can tell to your friend, family, or your working partner. Before we tell you more about us, I want to thank’s to you want to visit out website. I hope this website can make you start  planning for doing Travel to Flores and Komodo. As the name implies, Komodo Island in Komodo Tour is an island that is also an animal habitat in this country. Its existence is shrinking.

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Certainly fun if we can see firsthand the life of the protected animals of this country. Not only on the island of Komodo, Komodo habitat also exist in the island adjacent to it. As in Rinca Island. On the island, tourists can freely see and observe dragon patterns daily. There is a great place to see Komodo Flocks. Tourists can climb the hill, Bukit Ara. On top of that mountain, Komodo dragons live in a wild way. In addition to dragons, other animals we can see, namely wild deer, bull and wild horses and many more. For those of you who want to travel on the island of Komodo, can use a travel agency. Such as car rent purwokerto, car rent makassar and much more.

Our service for Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour, tourists can see directly Komodo should not be too close here tourists can also rent Boat For Carter to the Pink beach. Tourists will be able to enjoy the beauty of pink sand, which there are only 7 places in the world. When Tourists Cruise to Komodo, at any time dolphins may suddenly appear tempting. Tourists can play with them. In addition, a variety of beautiful fish, hiding behind the beautiful coral reefs, green turtles and whales are free swimming is also ready to welcome tourists.

Well, before going home want to find souvenirs? Tourists can come to Loh Buaya and Loh Liang, a typical souvenir shop selling center of Komodo National Park. Can buy shirts with a picture of Komodo dragons, wooden statues of dragons, to accessories nuanced Komodo island. Also do not forget the soft bind fabric from Flores with beautiful motifs and patterns and typical snacks Flores, Kue Rambut. The life of rural people on the island of Komodo, we should also visit. They are a society that directly, surely also has to preserve the nature there. On the island of Komodo, there are also mangrove forests and lush green meadows.

Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour

Miscellaneous nature like this, makes us feel heavy to leave immediately. Before leaving this beautiful spot, it’s good we take the time to buy some typical Komodo souvenirs. Like a wooden sculpture shaped dragons and T-shirts that drew animals Komodo.

so, for those of you who are interested to use Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel services to do tourism to Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour. You can contact us directly through our contact below.

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