Komodo Tour With Wonderfull Flores Island

Komodo Tour With Wonderfull Flores Island

komodo tourKomodo Tour – We would like to thank you for visiting our website. Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel is a company engaged in tourism for domestic tourists and foreign tourists. We’ve been through this company since 2010. We have had a lot of experience and improvisation in any field of business. With the passage of time travel from Rafel Todowela Tour and Travel, we now have the task to try to improve and develop the tourism contained in Indonesia which is devoted to East Nusa Tenggara Province.

We Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel to Komodo serve you domestic and foreign tourists who especially come to bali and Flores Island and Komodo Tour. We provide cultural tourism services as well as nature found on the island of flores. Such as rural tours, hiking, mountain climbing, snorkeling, and boat trip tours to the 17 Islands of the island flores. In addition we also invite you to cross the tropical island of Komodo to see the largest lizard in the world is the Komodo dragon ( Varanus Komodoensis ).

the largest lizard in the world is the Komodo dragon

We Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel also serve you who want to order plane tickets online. To live this company we are responsible to donate our taxes to local governments. The tax aims to build West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Not only that we also help build local communities to improve the quality of their lives and cooperate with us in the multinational sector. Apart from improving the quality of life we ​​also always help their economy by providing local people’s handicrafts that can be bought by tourists as souvenirs.

Komodo Tour by Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel always prioritizes and focuses on our service, security, reasonable price and every one of our customers will always serve them like our own family. We always open your mind to give us feedback so we can add our service for the future for Travel to Flores and Komodo. We give for those of you who want to Travel to Komodo with our package we provide for you. The packages we provide to you are Cruise to Komodo, Komodo Full Day with Speed Boat, Flores and Komodo Tour. For those of you who want to travel on the island of Komodo, can use a travel agency. Such as jogja tour packages, car rental jogja and much more.

Arriving at Loh Liang Island or Komodo Island by using a skoci boat that takes you to the dock, then from the dock is your first step to walk. our guide who is fluent in English and a local handler who is ready to welcome you on site. After that the handler and guide will give some rules about the Komodo National Park. Which is where the rules explain what you can do and should not do during the track. After you know about the rule. You will be directly invited to track the existence of dragons

Komodo Cruise Ship

Tracking will take up to about 2 hours. At the time of the guide tracking trip will explain to you about the variety of flora and fauna found in Komodo National Park. The endemic plants in Komodo Island include Vanda Orchid, Wild deer, Giant Varanus Komodo, Anonaskuamoza pine etc. There you have to remember that some types of animals can not be predicted because the animals contained here are all wild animals. By the time you track you will pass through a water hole or a dragon hunting ground. At the end of the trekking point you will find a typical souvenir shop from Komodo Island. After that you will walk to get back to the dock and transfer back to the cruise ship. Then after that you will walk to return to the dock and delivered back to the cruise ship then it states the tour has ended.

There are several types of cruises that land or operate on Komodo Island which you can rent as Boat for Carter, namely: HAL. P & O, PRINCESS, X CELEBRITY, NCL, AZMARA, SEASEVEN, NORWEGIAN STAR.

  • Full Day Tour by Speed Boat

When you arrive in Labuan Bajo. You will be picked up by a fluent English speaking guide and will be picked up with an air conditioned. Vehicle at the international Komodo Airport. After that we will drive you to Labuan bajo harbor to board a cruise ship to Rinca Island to see komodo dragons in Komodo Island.

  • Flores and Komodo Island

In this package you will have many destination you can go. Because in this package,  have many package you can choose depend how long you want to stay.

For important note

If you book in the agent or wholesaler. You must becarefull and we make sure you are not in the wrong hands or the irresponsible parties. For more information. You can call our Costumer Service in this number +62 822 3694 3461 ( RAFAEL ). You can talk about booking and we provide the price is negotiable.


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