Discover Flores Island

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Day 1: Bali - Maumere, Flores island

Our English speaking guide will pick you up at the hotel in Bali. Then, transfer you to catch the flight leaving for Maumere (Flores island). From Bali to Maumere takes 1 and half hour flight.

Upon arrive in Maumere airport you will picked up by the driver and English speaking guide than transfer you to the Sea world Club Hotels. In the afternoon during the sunset you will walking in the beach side to view the amazing panorama of Maumere Bay. Dinner will be in hotel’s restaurant.


Day 2: Hotel-Sikka Old Church- Moni

 After having breakfast at 8.00 am, you will continue the tour to Wuring Fishing village. This village is totally Muslim village. In 1992, the village hit by the tsunami 8 meters above sea levels and destroy the houses and hundreds people are victims and 20 people were die.

Afterward, you will continue visit the Bikon Blewut museum to see bounds or skeletons of homo Floriensis. It excavated by the Japanese in year of  2003. Beside that, you also see some fossils are stored  in that museum. Afterward continue visit the old church of Flores island which build up in 1899 by the Jesuit missionary of the Dutch.

You willl continue your trip. Trough the way that around of the way, many flora and fauna and some Flores endemic birds that make you so happy. You will stop at Paga beach to have lunch. After lunch, you continue the to drive Moni town to stop overnight in Andi lodge. The tours duration are average 8 hours.


Day 3: Moni- Kelimutu Lake-Riung 17 Islands

 Early in the morning at 04.00 am, you will visit Kelimutu. The three colors lake (green, brown, red; sometimes the colour is changed). Drive takes 1 hour. Tracking from stop point to the impressed point are 30 minutes.

After that, you will drive back to hotel to continue the tour to Ende city. After having breakfast, continue visit the Jopu traditional village of Moni tribe. In Moni, you will see how the old woman weaving the songket/ traditional cloths by hands. Then, you continue the drive to Nduaria traditional market.  There you will see the daily transaction of the local people. They sell many spices as like, chili, ginger, turmeric, banana etc.

You will continue trip. After that, you’ll visit the Saga traditional village of Lio tribe. You will see the amazing view top of mountain. Then, you continue the tour to Ende to have a lunch.

After lunch, you drive to Bung Karno’s house. It is isolate place of Sukarno president during the Dutch colonial 1934 to 1938. After visiting the house, continue visit the blue stone beach in Penga Jawa.

Then, you continue the drive to 17 island and stop in Nagekeo City to have lunch. After having lunch, continue trip to Pondok SVD for stay overnight. Along the way you will see open savanna panorama, and tropical tiny island rise in the middle of ocean. After that check in the hotel to stay overnight in Pondok SVD.


Day 4: Pondok SVD- 17 Island- Bajawa

 After breakfast in the morning than drive to port to continue the trip to 17 island. This trip will be done by small wooden boat than cross the sea. First places that visited is Kalong island. At that place you’ll see the thousands hundreds of  flying foxes hanging over the mangrove trees. You also see fantastic view because the foxes make noisy.

From hotel to Kalong takes 30 minutes. After that, sail to Ruto island to do snorkel. You will see the beautiful coral and many colorful fishes. Then,  sail to Pulau Tiga island to do snorkel also and having lunch. Lunch will be served on the island and make grill fish mix with local spices.

After that continue the trip back to the hotel at Riung. It takes 30 minutes sail. In the afternoon after taking bath, continue the tour to Bajawa for overnight. On the way will stop at Soa hot spring to swim, the drive will take less than 2 hours. Then, transfer in hotel for stay overnight. Dinner will be at local restaurant. Typical tour is semi adventure and duration in average are 8 hours.


Day 5: Hotel Bajawa – Ranamese Lake- Cave Of Homo Floriensis -Ruteng City

 After having breakfast, continue to the Bena traditional village of Bajawa tribe. At the places, you will see the Baga as asymbol of male and Ngadu as a symbol of the female. You also see the beautiful formation of Bena traditional house. After that continue the drive to Aimere village.

At Aimere villages, you will see the traditional process of making wine by the palm juice. After that, continue to Borong city to have lunch. Then, drive to Ranamese Lake to see the amazing panorama of the lake. The lake located in the middle of jungle.

Afterward continue the drive visit liang bua cave to see the skeleton of first man in Flores which only 1 meter tall called” homo Floriensis. That skeleton was found by the Japanese excavated in 2003. Afterwards drive to Ruteng city to stay overnight in MBC hotel or monastery of the Nun. Dinner will be in the restaurant.


Day 6: Ruteng- Spider Web Rice Field-Denge

After having breakfast at MBC hotel, you will continu trip to Cancar. You will see the Spider Web Rice Field. It is a symbolize of Mangarain land divide. Then, continue to Denge village.

On the way, you can stop over in Kebe Gego. It is a clift. From the clift, you can see the panorama. After that, you continue to Denge village and stay overnight there.

Upon arrive in Denge, you will walking on the rice field to see the farmer daily activity. You can also joint them to plan the rice paddy if possible. Dinner will be served on the Martin Lodge. The tour is flexible and the tour duration around 8 hours.


Day 7: Denge - Wae Rebo Traditional Village

 After having breakfast you will continue the tour to Waerebo village. This tour is more extreme because it will climb up to the mountain. It is because of Waerebo is located in the top of mountain around 1700 meters above sea level.  It is very cold. You will drive trough Wae Lomba. Then, climb up to Waerebo. It takes 4 hours in total.

After arrive in Wae Rebo, you will served by elder in the main house. You will welcome by” Tuak Kapu”. It means symbol of welcome guest. By the local wine, they will say something as as .

In the afternoon you will go to waterfall for swimming. Then, go to garden of Waerebonese to see the coffee plantation, cacao ect. In the night you will sleep together in main house that called ”Mbaru Tembong”. Dinner will be served in the house.


Day 8: Waerebo Village – Denge - Labuan Bajo

 After having breakfast, you will tracking back to Wae Lomba to get car leaving for Labuan bajo. It takes more than 3 hours tracking back to Waelomba. From Wae Lomba yau continue your trip to Denge village to have lunch. After having lunch, continue to Labuan Bajo to stay overnight in Golo Hilltop Hotel.

The tour will take time more and less 5 hours. Than check in in Golo Hilltop Hotel. Dinner will be in the restaurant.


Day 9: Hotel in Labuan Bajo- Rinca Island- Pink Beach- Kalong Island

 After having breakfast you will continue the trip to Rinca island to see the komodo dragon. From Labuan Bajo, you will go by cabin wooden boat. You’ll takes 2 hours.

Along the way you will see the fantastic panorama. So  many tiny island rise in the middle of ocean. If you lucky you will also the flying fish and the dolphins around the boat trip.

Upon arrive in the island, you will welcome by the ranger of Komodo National Park. You will get short safety briefing about what you should do and should not do during the tracking. After that you will walk with the ranger to see the giant lizard in the world, with long go up to 3 meters. The tracking spend the time around 2 hours go and back.

On the way you will see the wild board, wild buffalo, timor dears , long tailed macaque, jungle fowl, pigeon birds ect. After that, heading back to the boat to continue the trip to Pink Beach. Lunch  be served on the boat.

From Rinca to Pink Beach will take time 2 hours. Upon arrive in Pink Beach you will do snorkel to explore the under water world and enjoy the the beach. In the afternoon sail to Kalong island to see  hundreds thousands of flying foxes and stay overnight.


Day 10: Kalong Island – Komodo Island- Labuan Bajo City

 After having breakfast 07.00 am you will continue to Komodo island to see the komodo dragon. You will welcome by the national park ranger than make short safety  briefing. Then, you continue the tracking to see the dragon in their natural habitat. You will also encounter with some species of birds as like cockatoo, jungle chicken, megapoud birds, flores crow birds, dove, srigunting endemic birds etc.

You will also see the dragon, wild board, timor deer. If you lucky you will encounter with the juvenile dragon. You will take 2 hours walk going and back.

The temperature of Komodo island more warm in the midday could be 30C0. After that continue heading to the boat for continuing the trips to the Kanawa island. Lunch will be served on the boat.

In kanawa island  you will do snorkel to explore the beauty of it. You will see under water world that very authentic and fascinating. It makes you dream to come back to the places.

You will also see many beautiful coral in many different colors, fishes and sponge etc. After that, you will back to Labuan Bajo than to chack in hotel. It takes time 30 minutes. Then, overnight in the Golo Hiltop Hotel.


Day 11: Hotel- Batu Cermin Cave- Airport-Bali

 After having breakfast around 08.00 am, your driver and guide will pick you than transfer you back to the airport. Before that you will visit Mirror Cave or Batu Cermin Cave. You will see stalagmite and stalagtic. You’ll enter into the cave as long as 40 meters inside by flash light. It because of the cave very dark.

You will see the small light radiate into the dark side of cave that make the view very amazing. There are fossil of the turtle, fish fossil and bamboo tree surrounding  the cave that make amazed. Then, you will back to the car to continue to the airport and catch flight back to Denpasa – Bali. Tour is end.

Explore the beauty of Flores Island, the Island of Portuguese and Spectacular of Komodo Dragon as one of World Heritage site.

DURATION 11 Days/10 Nights
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
 Return flight ticket (Bali – Flores, Flores – Bali)

 Transfer in and transfer out hotel in Bali

 English speaking tourist guide in Bali

 Private AC vehicle for transportation in Flores island as long as 6 days

 Full board meals on the boat to Rinca and Komodo

 Donation in every tourist object

 Mineral water along the way

 Entrance ticket in komodo national park, Kelimutu National park and Ranamese Lake

 Hotels 8 nights in Flores and 1 night on the boat trip to Komodo island, 1 night in Waerebo

 Hotels payment of guide and the driver

 1 night accommodation in Waerebo

 1 porter in Waerebo

 Boat in the Riung 17 island

 Entrance ticket in Soa Hot Spring

 Entrance ticket in Soa Hot Spring

 Meals of the guide and the driver

 Cabin boat trip to Komodo and Rinca island

 English speaking tourist guide in Flores and Komodo

 Local government tax in Komodo Kational Park

 Ranger fee in the National Park

 Snorkeling fee in the National Park

 Snorkeling gears ( google and fins)

 Small wooden boat to transfer in Pink Beach

 Tea, coffee, mineral water, fruits and fried banana on the boat


 Airport taxes

Meals during tour in Flores island (lunch, dinner in Flores island, except on the boat included)

Hotel payment in Bali

Alcohol beverage

Laundry service

Phone call

Personal expenses

Tips gratuities etc.

Entrance fees

WHAT YOU HAVE TO BRING Small size of luggage

Some cash

Sun cream

Sun glasses


Seasick tablets

Copy of your passport

Malaria medicine ( only suggestion)

Fishing gears

Important Notice:

If you book this trip with an agent or wholesaler, please ensure that you are not put on the wrong hand or alternative organizer. Ring our office and make sure that you have the confirmation number from us. Hotline service +62 822 3694 3461 (Rafael) talk to booking department. Price is negotiable.

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