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Flores island is a main Island on komodo national park, Flores island has long 350 km from west flores to east flores, there are 9 regency are in this island. Flores island has many treasure as like volcano, 3 collors lake of keli mutu, riung 17s island, soa hot spring, rana mese lake, wae rebo traditional village, ruteng pu’u, homo floresiensis cave the cave of hobit, the central of chatolic in indonesia.

There are many plantation, traditional village, many etnic group are in this island. To explore flores island, it is need motor bike and car or vehicle, From one city to other city in flores island take more and less 4 hours and the roud is wendling like a snake. The geogrphically flores island is mountainous and many valley, many active volcano as like ranaka volcano, ebulobo volcano, inerie volcano, egon and so much more.

To explore flores island deeply or if you want to go off road in countryside to see real local primitive life here i am offer you the car and motor bike to explore it by you own and your partner, flores has unique life, the local people is friendly and open minded, respect to the others and to the travellers and also very eelcome.

I would like to imform you that, if you want to see the flores and explore any countryside life of locals, feel free to contac or email or send whats app as we appear in the front page of this website. Flores Island is island of Portuguese, 17 century ago portuguese expand its colonial on flores island, and many flores people follow chatolic believe until now flores island well known as island of “thousands church”.

Tour guide and driver will explain to you about flores in native way and local style, our motto is” take you to my home and feel like at home”

Below are some type of car or vehicle that we and you goimg to used:

Elf vehicle, capacity maximum 12 people

Inova vehicle capacity 5 people


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