Labuan Bajo –Lombok Voyage (4D/3N)


Departure Day at Labuan Bajo:  Every Wednesday and Sunday at 07.30am

Meeting point at Wanua Adventure office

DAY 1: Labuan Bajo to…

Kelor Island: For Snorkeling

Kelor island is a one of  small beyond of Komodo National Park .It is closer from Labuan Bajo town, just takes time about ½ hour by boat. On kelor island there are a lot of attractive things such as:kinds of fish like crocodile fhis , stone fish, lion fish, orchin fish etc. Here you might have relax and enjoy the white sandy beach. Stunning view over the Kelor hill will service you like on the dream of heaven. We promise you that Kelor is one of recommended place ever

Pink Beach for Snorkeling

As its name, this beach is unique, located on Komodo Island. It has pink sand, beautiful panorama and underwater view to snorkel or to dive. Here you can find any kinds of fish species and many kinds of corals.

Padar Island for Trekking

There is no residents in this island. On this island, you can see some interesting destinations such as Pink Beach. For trekking fans and photographer, Padar island is the right heaven. It has a spectacular landscape with three different pure color of beaches. You will also rarely find Komodo dragon in this island that will make you free from the contacting risk with that exotic animal.

If you were in Padar Island, try to hike one of the hills that have a high peak and watch the beauty of its surrounded scenery. From the hill’s peak in Padar Island in Komodo, tourists can see one of the hidden heavens in Padar Island. They can see the beautiful Rinca Island and Komodo Island from these hills. The exotic landscape and scenery from Padar Island become one of the best panorama photo and selfie locations in Labuan Bajo. From the peak of the hills, you will see that Komodo Island and Rinca sea is like bounded together form a natural painting and you will not find anything like this in the world.

Padar Island in Komodo is the third biggest island in Komodo National Park after the Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Maybe Padar Island is not as famous as the Komodo Island, but its beauty is not beaten by those islands. The location of Padar Island is closer to Rinca Island than the distance to Komodo and it is separated by Lintah strait.

Padar island is also accepted as one of the UNESCO World Heritage because it is located in Komodo National Park together with Komodo island, Rinca Island and Gili Motang. Although padar island is located as a part of Komodo National Park, you will not see any Komodo here because of the food chain that is broken.

Day 2: Komodo Island

 Trekking to See Komodo Dragon

Knowing the fact that Komodo dragon is one of endangered lizard in the world, with population of fewer than 5,000, we should be know of the importance to protect this animal. Komodo dragon in Indonesia can only be found in Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Gili Motong, Nusa Kode and some places on flores island.

Things to do on Komodo Island:

Komodo dragons are the largest lizard species in existence with size up to 3 meters long and weigh up to 100 kg, yet still making them an active hunter; they can hurt you if you are not careful. You can visit the komodo island in Indonesia, precisely in Flores, and without magic spell, no fire, without wings, and without witches, you can see the komodo dragon living and crawling in the land or hunting their prey.

Getting around the island, you can ask the help of national park’s rangers to see Komodo dragon from a closer range. anyhow, you may already know that Komodo dragon is such solitary animal, and sometimes, people can’t see them because they sleep on the shade or even underground.

The Attractions at Komodo National Park:

Komodo National Park is built to protect this endangered animal, covering from Komodo, Rinca, Gili Motang, to Padar Island. The natural habitat of Komodo dragon in Indonesia is under the rocks in tropical rainforest, and they are territorial. Male komodo rarely let other male cross their claimed territories unless for hunting. In the past, Komodo island ranger would allow you to see them feeding the dragon with goat, but the practice is no longer allowed.

The island is surrounded by mangroves, savannas, white beaches and clear blue seawater, thus making it suitable for adventurous activities such as diving and snorkeling. Komodo Island Indonesia is famous not only for its Komodo dragon, but also for other terrestrial fauna. If you visit this island, try to take angler’s boat and get around pink Beach, Batu Bolong, or Kalong Island to see thousand of bats.

Besides wandering around to see the lives komodo dragon dragon, you can do other activities in the komodo island of Indonesia including diving in Kanawa island beach, having tour on a cruise to explore some of the pristine marine habitat. Kayaking is another exciting activity you can do to explore the reefs and small bays. 

 Manta Point: Manta ray as a populer tourism spot on komodo island

Manta Point on Komodo is one of snorkeling spots in Indonesia offer many experiences to see huge Manta ray, like at the manta point around Komodo Island. There, travellers  can be freely swum together with this amaze wealth. You will see a lot of manta rays play on the sea surface on this Manta Point in Komodo. If you willing to swim together with them, you can snorkel at this manta point. With this way, you will be able to watch many manta rays even from close distance. For giving more experience, you can bring your underwater camera to capture the moment when you are swimming together with Manta rays

Manta Point in Komodo is the perfect place to see manta  ray at their real habitat and it shall be a fun activity. You can see those manta rays swim to many directions and open their mouth open  widely to eat many types of plankton in a massive numbers. Although Manta ray is a huge fish, but it is not dangerous. So, you can swim together with this fish. However, you may not touch that manta with your bare hand, you just be allowed to see them. Why? It is because those manta stingrays body are covered by mucus that is functioned to cover its body. If you touched this mucus layer, it will harm the manta stingray.

Besides swimming together with Manta rays at the Manta Point in Komodo, you can also do some snorkeling here since this place also offering the most stunning underwater creatures such as coral reef and beautiful fishes sea creature.  To reach manta point you can use speed boat or a touring boat charter from Labuan Bajo or which is combining with some trip to explore  several small islands such as Komodo island, Rinca island, Padar, kanawa, and Bidadari island for snorkeling or trekking.

Gili Lawa: for Snorkeling and Trekking

Gililawa is an beautifull island that is located norteast of komodo national park. Its offer you beauty of seaescape panoramic. Near by the beach there is a snorkeling spot that is really exited. On this lombok trip we dont miss to oferr you this kind of heaven that given by the god. I Hope you will full of glory love once you achived this place

Day 3: Moyo Island

Upon you arrive on Moyo island, than you will get of shore and play on the beautifull of moyo beach ater that tracking over the moyo green waterfall. There you might enjoy the stunning view of moyo and jumping over the steep point to water, tracking back to boat to continue the voyage to gili bola island

Gili Bola Island For snorkeling and playing on the beach

Gili bola island is one of the snorkeling spot that is located on northwest side of sumbawa, it has beautifull beach and fresh air on it. Many travellers come to this place to spend the romantic moment and find the happiness, we dont miss to offer ou this beautifull place 


Kanawa island for short trekking.

  • Before you leave the boat you will do the kanawa trekking  island
  • Kayangan Harbour(East of Lombok Harbour) arrival 9 am 
  • Mataram City, Senggigi and Bangsal Harbour by bus or The Three Gilis by public boat from Bangsal Harbour (north Lombok) 

Rules of transfer from Kayangan Harbour (by bus): If you are going to Mataram City and Senggigi, we will offer you to get off at the nearest point to the hotel where you are staying in Mataram City or Senggigi. But our bus or car can not get into Mataram city area, so we suggest to use a taxi  from the point where our guide suggest to you, to get to the hotel you are heading

  • If you aim to Bangsal Harbor, we will deliver you . Since our last point is there,
  • If you are going to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno or Gili Air we will arrange your crossing tickets from Bangsal Harbor to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno or Gili Air.  And Ticket crossing to one of Gili T, Gili Air or Gili Meno is included in our  travel ticket.
  • Exceptions to Goal Gili Meno, due to counter and crossing at 02.00pm, we can not guarantee anything if there is delay of our arrival at Bangsal Harbour. 

Additional information


Boat Condition:
Length : 20M – 25M
Wide : 4M – 4,5M
Engine : Yan Mar 20Hp – 30Hp
Sail : Only to help the engine
Crews : 5 – 6 Crews
Boat capacity : 25 – 35 Person 


Swim cloth
Sun block
Extra energy drinks
Soft drinks


3x Fresh meals a day serve with Indonesian food
6 Large bottle mineral water
Coffee and tea any time during the trips
Snorkeling gears
Fishing equipment
Life jackets and life raft
Deck Class : Mattresses, pillows and blankets
Cabin Class : Room base on twin bed


Camera fee at Komodo National Park
Komodo National Park Fee
Government Fee
Ranger Fee
Soft Drink
Alcohol drink
Other expenses we did not mention in Price Includes

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