Speed Boat to Komodo National Park


The guest pick up from the hotels in labuan bajo or hotel around the Island in teh morning, and than depart to labuan bajo jetty or the jetty around your hotel. The speed boat has stand by there and ready to take you cross several island on komodo national park. In one day the fast boat canexplore some island such as:

  • Kanawa popular island as world class diving and snorkeling spot on komodo
  • Small sandy beautifull beach of Taka Makasar as one of famouse relaxing spot on komodo park
  • Manta point as only one on komodo park to snorkel with manta ray
  • Pink beach as a famouse place to snorkel and do diving
  • Komodo Island as a kingdom of living Lizard in the globe
  • Padar Island as one of living proof of prehistoric life as like jurasic park

As I mention above are place where the speed boat crossing for one day.

Next day if you want to charter the fast boat for extend day. you do can explore several others mosf famouse place on komodo and beyond of komodo as well. Below are the islands that you may explore in the extend day:

  • Rinca as most famouse place, where the komodo dragon living and the panoramic of island is very stunning.
  • Pempe island as one of living proof of tictonic eruption in the past, around the pempe you can explore under water by snorkel, where you can acounter many collorfull of fish and sea treasure.
  • Manjerite island as best place to do snorkel and photography
  • Kelor fascinating place, very good for fresh married couple, because the island is very quait and full of flowers and beautiful sea birds
  • Engel island as place of romantic couple and place where you can see the tape shark while snorkel.

Above are recomended place that i recomended to you, if you wanted to charter fast boat.

Below are some kinds and specification fo the fast boat:

Komodo express boat: capacity maximum 14 people

Komodo Fast boat GT 01: capacity maximum: 15 people

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