Travel To Flores And Komodo With Guarantee Of Happines

Travel To Flores And Komodo With Guarantee Of Happines

Travel To Flores And KomodoTravel To Flores and Komodo – For a holiday to Komodo Island (one of the tourist attractions of East Nusa Tenggara), we Komodo Tour and Travel has provided several Komodo Island Tour Packages that can be customized to your liking. Starting from the hotel in Labuan Bajo, the date and duration of the holiday, the choice of vessel that will be used to sail to the attractions of Komodo Island NTT to visit. Before the holidays to Komodo first read the tips to Komodo tour below.

Choose Komodo Island Tour Packages below according to your needs

  • Cruise to Komodo
  • Komodo Full Day Tour by Speedboat
  • 11D/10N Flores and Komodo Tour
  • 7D/6N Travel to Flores and Komodo
  • 6D/5N Flores and Komodo Tour
  • 5D/4N Flores Island and Komodo Island Tour
  • 4D/3N Komodo Tour
  • 3D/2N Komodo Tour
  • 2D/1N Komodo Tour

Holiday tips to Komodo Island

Choose the right airline and airplane schedule

We Rafael Todowela Tour and Travel give you some tips for Travel to Flores and Komodo For the price is cheaper, you should order first, yaaa at least 3 months before leaving. The normal flight price from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo ranges from 3 million to 3.5 million round trips. Most flights to Labuan Bajo (from Jakarta) transit in Bali or Kupang. Actually the most time-saving is to drive Lion Air from Jakarta at dawn and arrive in Labuan Bajo at 9 a.m (transit first in Bali). Try to reach Labuan Bajo before 10 a.m, so you can go on tour. But if you have plenty of time, you can come to Labuan Bajo one day before the tour (it’s the safest anyway).

For the new Jakarta-Labuan Bajo direct plane there is Garuda, flying in the afternoon and arriving in the afternoon. If the return is more comfortable because usually finished city tour after lunch, then herbs can fly more than 12 noon. To schedule home you can arrive in Jakarta on the same day without having to spend another night.

Reason Visit Flores

Recreation becomes something fun, especially for people who like to Travel to Flores and Komodo. There are some people are also not so fond and even lazy out of the house. Because street hobbies are of course very happy and become its own memories. No less extreme there are people traveling hobby but to a place that rarely people want to go there. Probably maybe because the terrain is heavy or the area is not very safe because there are lots of wild wildlife.

Things to do in flores Indonesia, indeed everyone is different way of thinking. Included in determining holiday destinations. Have you ever thought about exploring challenging places like Flores. Flores is located in East Nusa Tenggara and is a challenging recreation place. For example wild parks Komodo Island, hemp flax, lake kelimutu and many more that are not less interesting. In addition there are several reasons that make you obliged to visit it. For those of you who want to travel on the island of Komodo, can use a travel agency. Such as car rent alphard, car rental semarang and much more.

  • Swimming and Snorkling at Pink Beach

Not only can enjoy the beach with pink sand. Tourists can also stop at Pulau Pasir, swim in Pink Beaches 2 and 3 and snorkel at Pantai Semangkok, Gili Petelu and Tanjung Cumi to enjoy the beauty of “underwater park”.

  • Rinca Island to Spot Komodo Dragons

In addition to Komodo Island, Rinca Island also became one of the original habitat of Komodo. Seeing him up close, guaranteed to make the traveler feel horrified. For tourists who want to see Komodo, Komodo Island and Rinca Island in Komodo National Park is the best choice as well as the habitat of native predators. Between the two islands, Rinca Island is most often the choice. One consideration because it is closer than Labuan Bajo which is often the entrance of tourists to Komodo National Park. Approximately 2 hours aboard. While the island of Komodo takes about 4 hours longer.

The Caci Whip Fighting, it is a ritual whip fight, is a

Withness The Caci Whip Fight major element of Manggarai cultural identity. The Caci Whip Fight it’s a unique and aesthetic delight for spectators.


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