Travel to Komodo Island Extreme But Fun

Travel to Komodo Island Extreme But Fun

Travel to Komodo Island is Fun  – Visiting Komodo Island is a good opportunity for the animal lover exactly wild animal to observe the Komodo dragons. You can see this big animal from the nearer distance. It is better for you to keep your safety around the Komodo area. Please, do not be noise and stay to listen to your guide saying inside the Komodo dragon’s habitat. Travel to Komodo Island becomes a challenging trip for your life. It will balance with the fun activities to do there such as:

Travel to Komodo Island

  1. Record Video In Komodo Island Tourism

It is suitable for you who like bringing a camera. You should find the good angle to record video. Because every moment has a different story to tell and express. Prepare your tools goodly to make the good result of your record. Please, do not be hurry when you look the Komodo dragons come close to your position. You just relax and hear the guide’s saying.

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  1. Write The Important Thing During Traveling To Komodo

Before visiting this island, you should prepare your mind and requirements. It relates to your physic exactly you can search the information about travel to komodo. It discusses the prohibition and the rule when you arrive in Komodo dragons habitat. It is sure that the guide must accompany you to see directly this big animal. Be careful!

  1. Watch the Activity of Komodo Dragons

If you are lucky, you will see directly anything that Komodo dragons do. For example, the Komodo dragons walk, look for food or take rest. They have a good sensitivity to detect flesh position. You should always be careful. Do not be noise if you are near to them. Keep your distance! However, do not forget to make documentation

  1. Take Picture The Nice Spot On Top Of Hill

It will become nice moment substantively travel to Komodo island. You walk to the top of the hill and you can see the beautiful view of this island. For this moment, you close your eyes and enjoy the fresh air. If you had a problem, you can shout out to make your heart breathed again. It becomes your last trip fun on this island by seeing the entire Komodo Island.

  1. Make Good Creation For Your Journey In Komodo Island

This part it becomes real proof that you ever visit Komodo Island. It depends on your passion. It could be in writing, photography, movie, and video. You can create the positive side of Komodo Island such as the atmosphere, the environment, the population, and so on. It will be interesting if you can interview the guide there. It becomes your creation based on fact. As the result, you can help to promote the Indonesia iconic in International.

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Some activities will be the option of your holiday to get an unforgettable moment. Travel to Komodo Island makes our knowledge more open about the animal and nature. Spend your quality time here with your family. Stay to keep your safety and obey the rule there. The key is you should be calm to face everything there. Happy holiday for you to visit this beautiful city.