Sustumers review on the tripadvisor after doing the komodo and flores journey

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We had the best experience with Komodo Top. The owner, Rafael is very kind and knows a lot about the place. We met him on our first day. The second until last day we were with another guide, Aprih. He's also very nice, patient, and really talkative. We've got so much information about the places we are going to visit that time. The boat crew also very nice and professional and the chef makes the BEST FOOD!!!! We snorkled from one point to the other, went to see manta rays, pink beach, Taka Makassar (which is I personally think the best beach), Kalong (bats) at night, and of course trekking to see Komodo Dragon.

We had soooooo much fun, and definitely recommend Rafael and his team if you're looking to explore Labour Bajo. Thank you so much Rafael, and keep up the good work!
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Amazing out of this world trip. When we booked this tour we didn't know what to expect. Komodotop team of Rafael and Ovan make this a memorable and mind blowing vacation. There were 8 of us and Komodotop especially Ovan make us like family. We were amaze with the crystal clear waters of Kanawa Island, Manjerite Island, Kelor Island and the unbelievable shades of pink of Pink Beach. The trekking up Padar Island rewards us with the most beautiful and postcard view of the island and the beaches. Trip to Komodo and Rinca Island for the Komodo Dragon was fascinating and it reminds of the modern day dinosour. Living on the Boat was a new experience and well taken care of Ovan and the crew. Overall it was a great and wonderful trip and Komodotop made it even more amazing. If ever you want to go to Flores, look up for Rafael of Komodotop as they will make your stay memorable. Highly recommended.

.Just got back from trip to labuan bajo with mr. Rafael. It was very fun, entertaining and mind blowing journey. We took LOB with Sinar Pagi, the ship is very excelent, the crew is very helpful and accomodating. The room is very nice, i did not expect it would be that good..but it is beyond excellent. Food is great thanks to the chef. Mr Rafael accompany us along the way with very entertaining persona and great attitude. I personally think it is the best trip i ever join for now. Keep up the good work, always improve and god bless komodotop 😉
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My wife and I signed up for a private 3 Day 2 Night Boat Tour with Komodotop around the Komodo Islands and it was an amazing anniversary experience! The owner, Rafael, was an excellent guide and we had many wonderful conversations throughout the trip. Would definitely recommend Komodotop to anyone looking to explore the region.

My great Flores shore and underwater trip Trekking to Komodo Island and diving at Manta Point, also other interest dive spot is an unforgettable moment vacation at Labuan Bajo, Arranged by Rafael and his Partner, excellent arrangement, delicious dishes.. thumbs up.....
Georgiana L
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Hidden gem deep inside valley up in waerebo mountain

The best thing of Waerebo is the pristine place, deep inside the valley on top of the mountain. it protected the peoples and cultures from outside world. the same happen as difficulty also as everything turn to be difficult and expensive. even the rice have to carrry 4 hours trekking to reach the village and no permanent electricity. but the peoples are happy, things getting better after 2012 UNESCO announce it as UNESCO protected village.

They got solar cell electricity and also from 6-10 pm, the electricity genset roaring providing primary electricity, of course dont expect aircond, heating water or refrigerator :}

It is an experience, 6 hours by car from nearest airport ( 40 pct of them is 2m wide bumpy road) , and then 4 hours of trekking up to tip of mountains, suddently the Waerabo village glimpse in the valley when you see it from the mountain peak.

Our guide Rafael, a young man, dark skin, looks tough, but immediately turn to be very friendly dude. he bought us a long the way from beginning to the end of this journey and thanks to him, we enjoy the the trip very much beyond the hardship of the 6 hours ride and fun trekking 🙂

Rafael not just have good knowledge in local culture and inforamtion, he also very active in social and politics. he heading some local social activity. after finishing his study and starting guiding, he envision to be local politician. so dont be surprise you will find local guide who is very fluently in discussing politics.

I would recomend Rafael to anyone who want to visit Flores or Komodeo island. good luck Rafael. I hope you will success to reach your aim
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The trip organized by Rafael, the local guide, was one of the most beautiful experiences for me and my husband. We started a little unconfident about visiting Labuan Bajo (Flores Island), the Komodo Islands and the nearby islands, because we didn’t know how our guide and his team that we were going to spend a few days and who had to show us the surroundings will be. The fact that we chose Rafael, by accident, on the internet, was the best decision, because above all he is local and he knows best those wonderful islands. We have seen a lot of beautiful corals and colorful fishes, manta rays that are not so easy to find as they are wild animals (the fact that I swam with them was my favorite time of the trip), we walked on Komodo Island which is the National Park protected by law and we have seen the Komodo dragons who are endangered ..... Oaaauuuu they are so big! But do not worry, Rafael often goes there, and he won’t put you in danger, plus there will be a ranger walking with you and he will lead the "operation." The landscapes are particularly beautiful and gave us a positive energy. Besides that, Rafael is a friendly person and a spiritual person who loves the place where he comes from and tries to help the community and the people who are next to him. He is the one who can guide you to feel the energy of that place, which for me was a special one with very kind people. Hopefully we will turn back to Labuan Bajo and the nearby islands!
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Spontaneously, me and my girlfriend decided to visit the Komodo dragons on a private boat tour. We got Rafaels contact from a German guide from Sulawesi (Michael Leitzinger), so we called Rafael on Wednesday morning. We met Rafael in the evening on the same day and after chosing one of the available boats, we started the next day our 3D/2N trip. Rafael himself was on another trip at that time, so he organized Boe Berkelana as our guide and a very nice crew. As Boe worked in a local NGO for many years, we had very interesting discussions and got to know much of the local people and had the chance to visit Komodo Village. We snorkeled with Manta Rays, experienced the Komodo dragons, enjoyed the beauty of Komodo Nationalpark and of course the great food on the trip. Again, it was just awesome and we really thank Rafael for his spontaneous organization, our guide Boe and the crew for having 3 amazing days.

Without exaggeration, it was the most attractive and unusual trip we ever had. It deserves fully 5 stars! We were a little bit worried regarding travel expectations after booking the tour from a distance. But all our concerns were totally false. We met an excellent guide (Rafael), a positive and responsive person. Also the boat crew was professional and friendly. In two days we touched the nature's footprints many times. Unique landscapes, mountain peaks, Komodo dragons, manta rays, corals, colourful fishes and tastefull meals. We are very grateful to Rafael and his team for this amazing vacation. It passed one week and after returning home in Europe we are still connected to beauties of Flores and their kind people. Thank you very much Rafael, you're doing an excellent job! We wish you luck in promoting the natural heritage of Flores and Komodo. Hopefully, we'll turn back to Labuan Bajo in the upcoming period.
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