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History, concept and standing position of Rafael Todowela Tour

Rafael todowela which is website name komodotop is an of local travel company that existed since 2010 and has running the tourism industry since that years. This company rised on the realize of tourism growing on flores and komodo island. In the running this travel company we always optimistic that the Glory of God never leave us alone. So that is why until now there are a lot of people has support our company in orther that running well. Rafael Todowela is Flores Indigenoeous people, growing and spend the life time in labuan bajo –West Flores of Indonesia. On The previous day I commite to develope tourism industry on komodo and flores island, so I decide to continue the school in tourism school with willing that one day komodo island and flores island will famouse in the tourism sector. Time is going on and komodo become famouse destination and travellers numberis increasing. The central government of indonesia has good political will to develope east Nusa tenggara province by build up the International airport of komodo. to face this fact, Rafael Todowela thingking to perepare this good discourse. and central government of indonesian targeting  that 500.000 visitors must comming to flores and komodo on the years 2018 to 2019 comming in. Currently the president of Indonesia build up the infrastructure of east of Indonesia as acessibility for the travelers to visit komodo and flores, and we as a locals very welcom the Central’s Indonesian government Policy. At the previous time we colaborate with the ships and the local tour boat of labuan bajo to affiliate in the group of local enterpreneur to collectively welcome this tourism industry and prise the lord until now there are a lot of local people has tourism enterprie within me. Our main goals is to support indonesia country in the big contex and to devloped the region of eas nusa tenggara in the particular contex. Our mission in “take Indonesian Tourism to the world and take the world to Indonesian Tourism” with the  spirit together we can!

I and My brother Nando has same mission, besides for economic interest purpose other tahan that we have a concep of tourism based on community development, means that in the preserve the indonesian tourism especially komodo, labuan bajo and flores much more, the main things must involve the locals people in the tourism. Meanwhile, to keep the nature and culture keep in preserve, it must collectively participated with the locals. Now days there are sanggar (or group of community) that collectively our nettworking. For instance, sanggar dance in melovillage, and sanggar dance in the cecer village of west manggarai. Those are kind of our effort and fiting spirit how do the locals involved in the tourism movement. On the particular momentum we do also make meeting withe the government to how to market the flores and komodo and indonesia in a general content in orther that famouse abroad.

In Addition that, we invite the visitors to announce the good news in their home town about the wealth or the creature of komodo and flores island. “Take you to my home and feel like at home is our will”. We had coorporate withe the some of international marketing to spred the good news of komodo and flores as well.

Rafael todowela’s Tour  vission and mission


Rafael Todowela’s flores island and komodo island tourism Promotion:

Rafael todowela tours has done many attractive promotion on the brocure, pamflet and electronic media about komodo dragon and flores tourism, we have team work in the office that promote the flores in international media nor national media. Our website is one of our modals to promote komodo and flores island tourism and beyond. We have a professional english speaking tour guide as well.

Environment issue

Rafael todowela tours as well concern in the environmental issue and ecology issue. As a one of our big advocate is komodo national park and especially  padar island and rinca island that wanted to be privatizated by the private businesman of Indonesia. We had advocate and finally the privatization is cencel and komodo dragon and its nvironment back to the basic function as the national conservational park not beeing privatized by one man.

Related with the customer or Guest

Rafael komodotop realize that, guest is a king. In the handel customer or guest, a basic concept in our mind is friendly, polite, and honest. Our expirience since in the begining we running this tour agency, the customer always feeling happy and missing to coming back to komodo and flores by our service. As we had mentioned that our motto is” take you to my home and feel like at home.” We will not promise you the great tings on komodo island and flores island we do hope that you will feeling or impress by your self after you witness it.

Best Reagards
Rafael Todowela,
the manager of Komodotop


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