Rafaeltodowela Tours and Travel is a company which move in the tourism sectors. This company has exist since 2010. We have done many experience and improvisation in the many matters. In the running process Rafaeltodowela Tours and Travel has a duty to improve and develop the tourism in Indonesia in generally and  East Nusa Tenggara province in particularly.

Rafaeltodowela Tours and Travel, particularly serve domestic and overseas visitors who come to bali and Flores island. We serve both culture and nature, Flores overland tours, countryside tours, hiking, climbing the mountain, snorkeling, boat trip to 17 islands of Flores island, and crossing the Komodo blue tropical island to see the giant lizard in the world” VARANUS KOMODOENSIS”. We also serve online ticketing reservation system of air craft. In the running this Company we have responsibility to contribute the local Government tax to develop the west Manggarai  Regency of East Nusa Tenggara province, and to assign the local  people to improve the quality of life, and working with multinational sectors. In the running this company we had also helping to improve the economic of the local people trough buying their hands craft, local sarong etc. in additional Rafaeltodowela Tours and Travel has bring many positive impact to the community, company, and locals economic. In the running this company we always focus on quality of service, safety, reasonable price and we serve the visitors as our family. We still open minded to get your input to be more excellent in our service in the future.


-Want to be the best travel agency, which able to give satisfaction to the clients and build up Indonesia country especially Flores island from tourism sectors.


-To bring positive benefit to the local people specially to improve the local economic, or tourism by community development.

-To promote the all hidden beauty of Indonesia especially Flores Island to the Worldwide.

-To compete with the tourism in others countries

-To invite the domestic and overseas tourist to be more come to Indonesia and Flores island

-To promote the to culture and nature of Indonesia

-to educated the local people about tourism and globalization.

-To develop the tourism enterprise in Indonesia especially in  Flores island

-To creat the job Field to the local people

-To contribute taxes to Indonesian government

-To give the best  quality service to the consumer.