Phinisi boat Charter To Komodo National Park

USD 300

This Phinisi Boat charter means that you feel free to charter, we provide start from

1 day until 6 days Charter to Komodo National park, feel free to make choice and feel free to comunicate with us via email nor watsapp

Watsapp or hanphone +6282236943461

Price: by Emai:

Phinisi boat is one of Indonesian Wealth, and formarly made by bajo or bugis etnic groups to sail from one island to other island in indonesia even to all over the  world. Besides that indonesia is one of bigest archipelago state that is why phinisi boat is really important to transport from one island to different island of indonesia. Now days by tourism activities, phinisi boat become one of good model how to carry tourist from one tourist spot to other tourist spot. Labuan bajo and komodo are one of the most famouse tourist object in Indonesia, because of komodo on the komodo island, where the only one in the world. Very interesting that komodo dragon live on komodo national park, and only 5 islands

namely: Padar Island, Komodo Island,Rinca island, gili motang, and nusa kod island.

For your Information that,komodo national park-of Indonesia endowed by magnificient of treasure, as you know that on komodo national park, not only komodo dragon are found but also any treasure could be encountered those treasure are some kinds of animal: cobra, python, timor deer, land snake. Some spicies of birds as like: heron, hawek, sea eagle, black crow, jungle fowl, cacatoo, pigon etc, some kinds of flora as like : floribunda tree, tamarind, eupatorium, strangling fix etc. Under the komodo national park sea water you can find any kinds of fish such as: manta ray, napoleon fish, tuna fish, dolphins, sting ray, crocodile fish, squid etc. Those kinds of animals, fish, landscape and sea scape could be seen during you do komodo national park trips or adventure.

Because of that, the indonesian  choose phinisi boat to transport or carry the tourist to cross the islands that mentioned above. Labuan bajo as gate way to komodo island, rinca island, padar island and generally to komodo national park, has provide several type of phinisi boat to the visitors or travellers who want to see komodo dragon on the komodo national park. The phinisi boat that are mentioned above has designed like hotels in the land area, that is why we called them “Floating Hotels”. The designers and carpenter of boat builder have designed the boat in any standard and any style such as: Phinisi Luxury boat high class or same as like 5 start hotels on land, phinisi boat 4 stars, and phinisi boat 3 stars. Each phinisi boat has acomodation in interior and has sun bathing in exterior and also equiped by kitchen, living rooms, relax room, and some interior of room facilities as like: cabin rooms with equiped by air conditioner, towels, hot sowers, etc.and it is very comfortable to you who travel in the groop, trips in family, in couple or fresh merried, honey mooner, and the students etc. Here below we appear you the variaty of phinisi boat and interior nor exterior design. All of the boats are stand by at labuan bajo bay waiting for your request to explore with you to komodo national park tropical and blue island. The crew of the boat also very diligent and full of smile, full of service and make you feel like king and queen.

Below are the phinisi boats that are provided to transport you sleep on the komodo island and komodo national park. You may choose one of those phinisi boad based on your love and interested

1.Asmara Phinisi Boat to komodo national park

Capacity:10 people (full board meals 5 cabine+ air conditioning)


2.sea seven phinisi boat to komodo national park

Capacity: 14 people ( full board meals, 6 cabin+air conditioning)

3.Cheng hoo phinisi boat to komodo national park

Capacity: 20 people ( 7 cabine + air conditioning)

4.aqua luna Phinisi boat to komodo national park

5.Florence Phinisi boat to komodo national park maximum 15 pepple

6.phinisi boat trip to komodo national park capacity 20 people


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