Things to Do in Flores Island of  Indonesia

We never run out of attractive tourist destinations in Indonesia, including in the exotic Flores Island. Located on the east of Sumbawa and west of Solor, Flores Island Indonesia gives you one of the world’s best serene retreats with breathtaking surrounding and magnificent panorama with lots of activities offered. There are hundreds of natural wonders still untouched by human’s hands filled with the warm heart of local people.

Tourist Attractions in Flores Island of  Indonesia

How can you resist the beauty of mangrove shores and exotic nature in Flores Island? Here, you can do interesting and exciting experience and adventures, from challenging mountain climbing to visiting prehistoric cultural heritage sites. Many tourists have familiar with Labuan Bajo located in the west part of the island, and the Komodo Island. anyhow, there are more than fishing town in the deep blue sea and the dragon in this island. The following are some other must see attractions in Flores Island as follow:

  • Mount Kelimutu and other trekking/hiking activity on Flores island

The most famous tourist attraction in the island of flores in Indonesia  is Mount Kelimutu with its 3 crater lake that always changes in color from time by time. Presumably, the change in color is caused by chemical reactions of mineral refer  to the volcanic activity of the mountain. You can see this incredible amazing phenomenon only in Flores Island, where the lake’s color may change from turquoise, green, red, and chocolate brown. Besides, the island is also ideal place in Indonesia for doing the adventure trip of Hiking and trekking to the many active volcanoes and to the non accessible tourist destination.

  • Hot Spring in Flores island.

If you want to relax yourself, try to visit some Hot Springs around Bajawa town called Malanage, So’a and in Blidit, located 28 km from Maumere. The place is surrounded with natural hot pool in the middle of pristine jungle that makes a perfect place to relax and get closer to the nature.

  • Snorkeling and water tourisms.

If you want to experience challenging adventures, you can snorkel and scuba dive in the beautiful coast, most notably is Maumere, Komodo, and Riung 17 island

The sparkling white sand beaches are perfect to see the variety of underwater life, where you can swim along with dolphins and dugongs as well as see the beautiful coral reefs. One of the beaches in Flores Island of Indonesia even has pink sand.

  • Cultural of experience in Flores

If you want to have more of cultural experience, every region on Flores island offers their owned unique culture and old tradition starting from east Flores Lembata until to the west Flores island called Manggarai region, where local people often still perform old way of tradition.

You will see that Flores Island Indonesia is a beautiful and fascinating island, long hidden in the pristine nature that makes Flores unique holiday destination on its own. Take some time and visit some wonders of Flores where you can enjoy the view of magnificent Mount Kelimutu view, dive in its clear water sea, swim in its hot spring and waterfalls, as well as the traditional culture of its indigenous people.

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