There are a lot of traditional houses in Wae Rebo village and great cultural attractions, which are worth visiting, since they offer distinctive holiday experience for the visitors. One of those places is Wae Rebo Village on Flores Island. This place is located up high on the mountain. The rich and fertile land make people have coffee gardening as the main activity. In addition to the charming nature and economic activities of the villagers, you can see the exotic nature and unique culture as the main attraction.

Cultural Attractions of Wae Rebo Village in Flores Island

Located on Flores Island in Indonesia, Wae Rebo Village offers unique cultural attractions, which are related to the nature, local life, spiritual belief, and local customs.

  • Mbaru Niang in wae rebo

The traditional village of Wae Rebo has a kinds of traditional house. It looks like a cone made from wood and palm fiber. The houses are used for family as well as for storing gong and drum used for local dance performance. The ceremonies usually take place in the huge communal house. If you visit this place, you can stay a night at the local house and enjoy the food offered by the villagers. You can sleep on the tikar, a mattress made from pandan leaves. The weather is cool so you can breathe relaxingly and forget about crowd and polluted city, where you live.

  • Nice scenes and singing birds.

Since the local people take care of the environment well, the nature is preserved nicely. You can see local people starting the work early in the morning to harvest coffee or collecting beans. The singing birds are among the trees and they are so beautiful, thus providing you with the real and simple country life, in which the villagers live close to nature.

  • Weaving traditions.

Even though it is not the main activity, women in Flores still do weaving the songket cloth in their free time. You can see women weaving a nice piece of cloth here. If you are interested, you can buy one or more for your collection at home from Wae Rebo village.

The beautiful nature and the local people are what Wae Rebo Manggarai Traditional Village in Flores offers. The government has specified this village as the main attraction for cultural tourism. The beautiful village on the mountain offers an amazing view that will complete your holiday. By trekking with your tour guide for about 3-4 hours, you can reach this place. Having a guide is important to avoid you from losing your way up to Wae Rebo village in Flores island

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