Labuan Bajo journey Labuan bajo is a place that is located at the manggarai barat region of Indonesia and this small town is really amaze. Most of people though that this place is like a heaven and it is particular with the friendliness of local people. Labuan bajo is more detail located at east nusa tenggara  province. To reach this place, you can use an airline from Denpasar Bali or jakarta and then it can be continued to Labuan Bajo or by means of transportation either by land or by sea. This cost is maybe a little bit expensive for travelling such a backpacker. However, you will forget about that after you saw the beauty of this island.

There are many travel agencies that offer some Labuan Bajo Tours for visitors. Mostly those travel agency  offer some interesting places to visit like:

Loh Liang on Komodo Island of komodo National Park

Loh liang on Komodo island is the main tourism spot which start trip from Labuan Bajo and this is also an entrance spot to Komodo Island. Here you can see Komodo directly on their habitat together with the other fauna like deer, pig and so on. You can also explore the birds or hiking to the Ara mountain or Sebita to make long adventure tracking 5 hours go and back

Padar Island within Komodo National Park of Indonesia

As the fourth biggest island in Komodo National Park area, Padar island is well known as its amazingly beautiful beach and its spectacular landscape. From the peak of this island you can see stunning scenery of three beaches with different colors. Those colors are pink, white and black. Taking trip to Padar island during your stay in Labuan Bajo is one of the lovely  choice.

Pink Beach in Kmodo Island of Indonesia

As it was named, this beach has a pink color because of the red coral fragment that is mixed with the white sand. You can do some sea activities or water sports here like snorkeling and diving to enjoy the underwater scenery on this beach.  Cover this place in your Labuan Bajo tours will make your holiday memorable.

Taka Makassar near by manta point

This placed is located near the Komodo Island; it takes 3,10 hours from Labuan bajo. Taka Makassar is the right spot for snorkeling or diving and seeing the groups of Manta ray playing on the strong flow sea water . Besides these manta ray, you can also see some turtles that are swimming at the soft coral area that is really fascinating

Loh Buaya in Rinca Island of Indonesia

Second largest island in Komodo Park is Rinca where you can also find Komodo dragon and other wild life. it is located close from Labuan bajo, it just take only two hours reaching to the island.

Sabolo Island, Kanawa Island, Bidadari Island

Recommende and amazing snorkel spots with crystal clear water combining with superb white sandy beach. It has also so much marine creatures. It  is just an hours by local boat from Labuan Bajo to get these island.

Gua Batu Cermin and Salt Water  Rangko cave

Natural caves, one with salt water in it called: Gua Rangko. It is also good for swimming in the cave and very good to as photo grapher. Batu cermin is a natural rock cave. It is good to witness stalactite and stalagmite and other marine fossils. They are located just near beyond Labuan bajo town.

Mount Mbeleling in melo of flores – island

It’s 1,100 altitude above sea level as it is a highest peak around Labuan bajo. It is very good for doing one day trekking under the dense forest. Learning some flora and fauna of west Flores Labuan bajo.

Cunca Rami Waterfall and Cunca Wulang Canyon

Good to have a day trip from Labuan bajo to avoid from being so heat weather condition, since Labuan bajo is located in the coastal area that always has warm temperature in the day time.

It is interesting, does’t it? If you wanted to visit Indonesia and try to find the other tourism objects than Bali and Lombok., Labuan Bajo tours is the perfect choice because on this place you will be served with many natural and virgin scenery surroundings.

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